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Training Scholarships

These scholarships

are to assist the low income or single parent family. Proper financial paperwork from

parents(s) and/or reviewing the child’s performance with academic school teachers will be

part of the process.

Financial Aid Scholarships

A scholarship to help with the burden of supporting a family when family income

diminishes because of loss of employment or unexpected health problems.

Academic Scholarships

A scholarship available for college age students. To receive this financial assistance, the student would be required to continue their training while attending a local college or university.

Travel Scholarships

Students that attend regularly and are recommended by their Instructor, will be reviewed by the Executive Advisory Committee to receive this scholarship.

A Proud 200 Year

Family Tradition

Martial Arts Education Fund, Inc., established in 1993, operates exclusively for public health,

safety, educational, sport, and charitable purposes for amateur martial artists. Kansas City area residents Bob and Travis Boggs direct the organization. Both were listed in the Top 150 Athletes in their home town's sesquicentennial celebration in 2008 (Olathe's 150th year anniversary) as well as Bob being listed in the Top 150 Influential and Noteworthy People in the city’s history.  For over 200 years, the Boggs Family has been making a positive difference in the lives of America's Youth.

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